Sports analysis is the key to winning in the world of betting

Sports analysis

Start putting into practice the best techniques to bet and win effectively with these tips and practices. There is a lot to learn when it comes to making winning predictions and taking the best prizes.

Sports predictions of results

The first thing you should do to understand and have the best sports predictions is to analyze which teams win most often. Whether it is football betting or any other sport.

Once you managed to analyze the teams or players. Your results will help you decide who to bet on. Sometimes it can happen that the team that seems to have the best chance of winning is not your favorite team. In these cases you will have to make a very important decision. That’s why think about it and put together a strategy.

Analysis of results

When analyzing a market you must take into account the quotas (odds) that it manages. In addition, when making a forecast you should not consider your personal tastes.

If your favorite soccer team participates in a championship that you want to bet on, what will you do? Support your team or rely on results? To get the best result of your bet. And so get a higher prize tries to objectively analyze each situation and each result. In this way, you will be able to obtain a good analysis of probabilities.

Find out about upcoming games

upcoming games

When betting on a certain tournament, market or match, it is necessary to know the state of the team or athlete that will compete. Although it may not seem like it, having general knowledge of everything that happens in the market in which you will bet. It is very important to be able to predict and forecast future results.

It is not the same to bet on a team that you already know and that you see play regularly, than on one that you have never seen play. Always try to move on familiar and familiar ground. This will make it much easier to read the statistics and determine what the results will be.

In conclusion, it is much better to follow the teams, pay attention to the general state of each of the players, of the club. And even the problems that the team environment may be having. Than simply betting on the one with the best odds or the favourite.

How to bet with sports forecasts?

Put together a sports forecast to win real money and turn it into winning entertainment. Everything requires a lot of work and dedication. However, there are a few things you can do to make it much easier.

Follow intuition but based on results

The best type of forecast is the one that is based on probabilities and real results combined with intuition. Although relying on what the odds indicate always seems best. The reality is that many times our intuition can tell us much more. Therefore, always try to combine both, a well-founded hunch is the best way to win.

To do this, have a strategy and follow it carefully. Having a plan and a guide is the best way to direct your intuition in a way that allows you to win. If you don’t win You will have an action and response plan that will help you win again. Create this strategy by studying and analyzing recent results. Like the latest news of each sport and team.

Game outcome probability

Game outcome

Do you know the theory of probability? This refers to the study of chance, through investigation and observation of random phenomena. In games of chance, probability and statistics have always been present. However, in the case of sports betting, they are not always considered. Betting has a share of luck.

Once the game starts, anything can happen. The chances of one outcome winning over the other are highly varied. For this, it helps us to understand and know probability and statistics.

This theory states that the total number of favorable outcomes depends on the total number of outcomes. The result of a bet cannot be completely predicted, but it can be studied and calculated.


Something that helps us understand and perceive these probabilities to turn our intuition into a winning bet are the odds, or odds, in Spanish.

If you enter our sports betting section. You will be able to find all the sports betting that Bodog has to offer. If you decide to bet on soccer, you will see a huge number of markets. Choose the one you like best and is most comfortable for you.

Once you have decided, you will see a series of numbers next to each of the participating teams or players.

For example, if you bet on the Champions League and Barcelona play against Real Madrid you will see numbers like these: 1: 2.30, X: 5.00 and 2: 1.60. The first refers to the odds or probabilities of winning that Barcelona has over Real Madrid. And in the event that you win the bet, by how much your money would be multiplied.

That is, if you bet USD 10 and the odds are 2.30. You will be left with a total of 23, 10 of your initial bet and 13 of winnings. The X marks how much the tie pays and the 2, the payment of the second team. In the case of our example, Real Madrid.

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