What makes Lightning Baccarat different?

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is a game very similar to other versions of baccarat offered in betting houses, but it has some peculiarities that make it unique. First of all, we should mention that LB is not an emulation or a virtual game with realistic graphics.

Royal game

Lightning Baccarat has one advantage, which is being real: you play at a real table and see the dealer take the cards out of the box one by one, unlike other games that are like slots or video bingo, where you play with the machine.


But the big difference in this game is the functionality “lightning” (lightning, in Spanish) that gives its name to the game. Before the start of the game, up to 5 lightning cards will be drawn, which act as multipliers of up to 8x and are combined with each other. Thus, the bettor can obtain a multiplier of up to 512x the amount of the bonus to be paid. This makes a small and low value bet offer almost a 50% chance and have the possibility of paying tens of times the amount bet.

Advantages of playing Lightning Baccarat

Playing Lightning Baccarat is already a lucky sign. Few players get the chance to step into the exclusive environment that Lightning Baccarat offers at Bodog Live Casino and watch a real-time game being run by a professional dealer. With the popularization of online casinos, it is increasingly difficult to find games that contain the characteristics of a live casino, such as real cards and people instead of mere simulation.

In addition to being a real game, Lightning Baccarat features lightning cards that allow the bettor to receive a big win without having to place a high or even risky bet. In addition, to help the bettor in his choice, LB offers the player the mapping of the rounds through the Big Road.

Big Road: how to follow the results of Lightning Baccarat?

Lightning Baccarat

When playing or even watching Lightning Baccarat matches, the player will find a kind of table marked with circles, almost all of them blue or red, at the bottom right. This table is called the Big Road and it indicates the scores of the previous results. Circles marked in blue indicate a win for the player, while circles marked in red indicate a win for the banker.

The columns are used to indicate the number of consecutive games won by the banker or player. Every time the game changes and another opponent wins the match, a new column will be created. In case of a tie, a green circle will be created, and in case the result is altered by one of the lightning cards, the circle will be painted gold.

How to succeed at Lightning Baccarat?

Some consider baccarat to be basically a game of luck, as would be the case with craps, roulette, odd or even, or even a game of coins. However, there are serious players who play baccarat for a living and who employ a method to their play. Let’s see what technique they use.

First of all: to be victorious, have a bet management system, which will tell you how much and how to bet on online baccarat. In baccarat there is no basic strategy, as is the case with poker or blackjack. Therefore, to predict an outcome, the bettor must use indicators such as Big Road, Big Eye Boy or Cockroach Pig, plus of course his own intuition.

Become a Lightning Baccarat player!

Lightning Baccarat

Baccarat is a very old game, but so much fun that it is still modern and attractive.

Although his counting seems very strange, his method is simple and, once learned, it is easy to count. Lightning cards add a lot of excitement to the game and can turn a simple bet into a big win. Enjoy the excitement of the live games and play Lightning Baccarat yourself!

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