Football betting predictions

Football betting predictions

Soccer is one of the favorites in sports betting, not only because it is one of the most popular sports in the world but also because of the number of tournaments and competitions that take place every day around the world.

When making your forecast, you should take probabilistic data (such as odds) and combine it with historical information for each matchup. If you know that a certain team loses every time it plays in a particular stadium. Even if the quota indicates that you have more chances of winning. Perhaps it is time for your forecast to take this information into account and bet in a different way.

What sources can I trust?

To make forecasts correctly, there is no exact source, but rather a group of sources that you can rely on when analyzing each situation. As we said, it is important that you know something about the market and the sport you will bet on. Therefore, a good source can be a sports newspaper. Knowing how the last matches of those teams turned out and what each of their players is experiencing is extremely important.

In addition to having a bit of “historical background”, we recommend that you trust the statistics that we offer you. We update the odds constantly, so if you’re waiting to see if a club puts a player on the bench or not. Once decided, the fee will reflect this decision.

How do I know if I can win?

Sports betting tips

Well, there really is no exact method to know if you will win or not since everything can change. However, there are some indicators that can help you be more confident when betting.

You can opt for the live betting option, in this way you can place your bet watching how each match progresses. Try the different types of bets and markets to discover which one you like best and is most comfortable for you.

Sports betting tips by forecasts

We already mentioned how the odds work and what you need to make your own forecast and strategy. Now we will tell you where, how and when to place a sports bet. Be it for soccer as for any other sport.

All the online bets we have can be found in our Sportstbook. There you will find different categories such as soccer, tennis, basketball, UFC/MMA and many more. If you select the soccer section you will see a panel with the different championships that are taking place at the moment.

There, you can access and select all the markets and bets you are looking for, for example, the final winner of the Copa Sudamericana within the “Final Winner” market.

When you choose the game to bet on, you will see the odds as mentioned above. Once you select the odds for which you will bet, a panel or “coupon” will open where you must enter the amount you will bet. When placing your bet you will see all your coupons or open bets from right there.

Avoid fears to play

Avoid fears to play

The most important thing is to trust yourself and understand that gambling is entertainment and should always be considered that way. We also understand that gambling has a share of adrenaline and excitement that other types of entertainment may not.

That is why it is important that when you decide to bet, you take into account your strategy and objectives and remain faithful to them at all times.

Gambling always has a risk, don’t let it become a bad thing and always remain a positive emotion. At Bodog we offer you a welcome bonus. It will help you minimize your losses on your first non-winning bet. Giving you a cashback of up to USD 15, bet easy! We have you insured.

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