How and where to play Lightning Baccarat?

Lightning Baccarat

Many players may not be aware of it, but baccarat is one of the most exciting games when you think of casino card games. And if baccarat is an exciting game, Lightning Baccarat is one of the best versions of this game. But do you know what it is, how and where to play Lightning Baccarat?

In this article we will talk about this game, which is already a trend among those who like to play live casino. We will explain a bit of its history, what the rules are, how to bet and do well in Lightning Baccarat.

What is baccarat?

The game of baccarat originates from France and, although it first appeared in Las Vegas in 1959, its origins date back to the end of the 15th century, when it was brought from Italy and became the favorite game of the nobles, who spent their nights around the gaming tables during the reign of Charles VIII.

The great advantage of this game is that most of the bets are not made by the player, but by people outside the game who bet on the player, the banker or the tie. Although many championships have been held with great champions, many claim that there is no strategy itself, being much more like a game of odd or even than a game of poker.

Why has baccarat become so glorious?

Lightning Baccarat

Casino games have always been explored by literature and cinema, such as Casablanca, filmed in black and white, where the gaming environments were portrayed with great interest, although in this film the successful game was roulette.

The game of baccarat received a lot of attention from viewers through a movie starring a secret agent of the British crown: 007, James Bond. In the first film of the saga, the special agent appears playing baccarat in a casino and, obviously, he wins.

How does Lightning Baccarat work?

If you have played baccarat before, you will have no difficulty playing the Lightning Baccarat version and you will be able to place all the bets available in the game. If you don’t have experience, no problem, the operation of the game is simple. Easier than playing against the bank, here you must bet on who will win: banker, player or tie.

If you bet on the player or the banker, you will win 1 to 1, if you bet on the tie (which is rarer), you will receive 5 to 1 if it happens. In addition to normal bets, there are others, such as pairs. If you bet that the dealer’s or player’s first two cards are the same, and they are, you will be dealt 9 to 1.

Scoring in Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat

Much of the fear that gamblers have of baccarat has to do with its strange way of counting, which makes the game often difficult to understand. But, as we will see, it is quite simple. The goal is to get as close to the value of 9 as possible. The suits are not important in this game, as only the numbers of the cards are used. Thus, from 2 to 9 are worth the number itself, the ace is worth 1 and the cards 10, Q, J and K are worth 0.

If during the game the score exceeds 10 points, such as 12 or 15, only the unit’s square will be counted. Thus, 12 is worth 2 and 15 is worth 5. At first it may seem strange, since in games like poker or blackjack the ace, ten and face cards are very important, while in baccarat they have little or no effect, but once you get used to it it is very easy to know the score.

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