Types of Scatter symbols in online slots

Scatter symbols

Online slots are characterized by their innovation and benefits. Although we all have our favorites, we can find endless themes. However, a good parameter to take into account is to find the special symbols in slots, since they increase our chances of winning.

One of them is the scatter symbol or dispersion symbol, considered the most important. Keep reading, in this article, we are going to know it a little more.

What are scatter symbols?

If you are already immersed in the world of slot machines, surely you already know what it is about or you have already seen them before; but if not, you may be wondering what we mean when we say scatter symbols. This is a special symbol that can win higher prizes and can be found in most online slots.

You will wonder what is its function? In general, the combination of three or more scatter symbols can activate and lead to a bonus game or free games, where the bet multipliers often increase and this leads to bigger wins.

Special features of the Scatter symbol

Scatter symbol

As the name implies, scatter means scattered, so it is not necessary for these symbols to appear all together. That is, they do not need to appear on the same line to activate the bonuses. We list some features:

  • In some slots, by getting two scattered or scatter symbols, we will already win a minimum prize.
  • In most games, these symbols usually appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, but on some slots, they can appear on all reels.
  • Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the screen.
  • These symbols are adapted to the theme of each game, so you will never find scatter symbols
  • The scatters, in the latest generation slots, are usually animated and interactive, which guarantees guaranteed fun.

Do all slot machines have scatter symbols?

In general, in most 5-reel online slots we can find scatter symbols. However, it is not so common to find them in the classic 3-reel slots. Although it is possible that some have them. Knowing if a slot has scatter symbols is very easy: at Bodog, you can check the paytable that is found in all available games.

The Scatter: the symbol that every player wants to get!

The Scatter

Although there are different ways to win money, in online slots, without a doubt, finding the scatter symbols will give us the pass to big wins because getting 3 or more will activate free spins or bonuses.

Each scatter or scatter symbol is different because it adapts according to the game, but they all share a common characteristic and that is that they do not need to be aligned to activate the bonuses. You can try to play with our “Demo” version and check in the paytables which games have these symbols.

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