Want To Become An eSports Bettor? Then Read Our Guide!

eSports Bettor

Betting on eSports can become for you not only an entertainment that raises interest in the game but also a good means of earning money. Agree, it will be quite nice to get money from your favorite Dota 2, Fortnite, CS:GO, or League of Legends. But to get plus with bets, you need to develop a certain system.

Learn much about the game

If you decide to bet without knowing much about cyber sports, you risk turning to betting and gambling in a casino. And even a sportsbook TonyBet looks a bit similar to a casino website, but it is not. Yes, you may be lucky for a while, but in the long run, you will lose money. Before betting on eSports you need to start researching teams, watching tournaments, analyzing matches, and reading the news. All this information will allow you to gather a complete picture in your head, and based on this information it will be possible to bet real money. Not superfluous will be a subscription to the accounts of cyber sportsmen on social networks. If on the eve of an important match, players hang out at a party, this information can also be extremely useful in choosing a bet.

When the game is over, the stream should not end for you. After the matches, the word is passed to the analytics studio, where experts, among whom there are often former professional players (sometimes even current ones), discuss everything that happened. You should also listen to their words because these people have been in the sphere of cybersport for many years.

Manage your bankroll

eSports Bettor

If you have already more or less figured out the professional scene, you can allocate a certain budget for betting. It should be an amount that you will not be sorry to lose. Also, losing it should not affect your financial situation too much, because betting is a risky investment. Try to avoid games that take place only on one card. Anyone can win here, and the result is less logical. 

It is best to bet only on the final result of the match – who will win. Such outcomes as the victory in the gun, the number of rounds played, and killing with a grenade or knife – a thing dubious. The outcome can be any, and the bet turns into a real casino. You should not bet your entire bank on one match. It is better to divide this amount into 10 bets. This way you do not risk losing all the money in 1 match.

Choose the most attractive odds available

Do not bet on events with low odds: 1.05, 1.11, and so on. In eSports, anything can happen, and you should not risk it for the sake of ten rubles. The obvious truth: it is better to look for higher odds. If you are sure that the weaker team will win in a particular encounter, then why not charge money on odds of 2, 3, or 5?

Set aside your emotions 

eSports Bettor

If you lose big, you do not need to frantically strive to win back at the same second. Perhaps it is worthwhile to delay betting and come back a little later, but without emotions, with a sober head. Work on your mistakes, and study the cybersports scene better.

Make your predictions

There are hundreds, if not thousands of groups with predictions in social networks. You can listen to them too, but you should do it with critical thinking. Before the match, look through a few of these groups, follow the general trend, and form your own opinion.

You can also monitor how a person’s predictions are going. To do this, a few hours before the match, take a screenshot of the outcome predicted by the person. Then check the proportion of bets that have gone in throughout 10-20 games. Reviewing the predictions post facto is a bad idea because the person can change them, or fake them.

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